Taking the Pain of Uncertainty out of Business Resource Planning

Helping to improve efficiency

Our software Avatar Process Suite helps businesses toeliminate inefficiencies within their resource planning by visualising and dealing with the uncertainty of crucial business processes that impact their revenues, costs and customer experience

Avatar Suite enables the user to tackle the complexity and uncertainty of resource planning

‍Every business has to deal with costly processes that disrupt the organisation, such as changes to purchase orders or customer claims:

• Challenge is often the uncertainty of a business process
• Disruption leads to inefficient use of employees and resources
• Optimisation becomes extremely complex due to many involved factors

Avatar Suite helps a business to find the right solution that increases the efficiency of its unique business processes

Powered by an Innovative Software Architecture

Our proprietary engine allows the automated creation of advanced statistical models while dramatically reducing development and maintenance cost

The engine simplifies complex models (1), runs on the fastest hardware available
(2) and optimises the application for reduced cloud costs (3)

Advantages of Avatar Suite

The innovative framework of Avatar Suite enables fast creation of applications that raise productivity further within a data-driven firm. Avatar Suite has been successfully benchmarked at the Faculty of Mathematics at the University of Mannheim.

‍Companies t

• Focused on process improvement, in particular cases such as Purchase-to-Pay, Order-to- Cash or other high volume processes, such as customer services
• Aiming to gain additional value from existing ERP and Process Mining Software
• Able to provide a compensation to reflect the value of the project
• Familiar with Process Mining (for example Celonis)

Interested ? See contact details below

Dr. Jann Müller

Founder & Lead Developer

• Compiler Engineer at Input Output (IOHK). Previous work at at SAP research and Sphonic (Anti-fraud software)

• Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from University College London (UCL)


Dirk Schulte

Founder & Managing Director

• Master’s Degree in Quantitative Economics and Finance from the University of St. Gallen

• Previous work experience in risk management and investment banking


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