A software platform for real-time optimization of industrial processes


Avatar simplifies the development of simulations. Our code structure reduces implementation and turn-around times by automating repetitive back-end integration and can reduce time spent on back-end programming by 90% or more

Instant Access to High
Performance Computing

Building on our code structure, Avatar is able to instantly optimise and execute advanced simulation models. This offers a new level of customisation and complexity when developing simulation-based software

Scalable Knowledge

Model alterations can be designed with a few clicks and seamlessly integrated with other modules into new models with all the features provided by our engine

Simulation and modular extension of a conveyor belt (implemented use case). A real process (top) is modelled in Avatar (bottom) and then extended. The engine creates the optimised back-end for model extension and runs the new, optimised simulation within a few minutes

Scientific Benchmarking

Avatar has been run and benchmarked in cooperation with Prof. Göttlich from the Chair of Scientific Computing at the University of Mannheim

Based on an a flow-model for the simulation of industrial assembly lines published by Prof. Göttlich*, the benchmarks showed equal or superior performance of the model run on Avatar in comparison to the alternatives C++ and Matlab**

The simulation was implemented in Avatar within just a few days, demonstrating the ease of porting existing models to Avatar

*Modeling, simulation and validation of material flow on conveyor belts, Göttlich, S., Hoher, S., Schindler, P. Applied Mathematical Modelling (38), 2014 **Detailed benchmarks available on request

Dr. Jann Müller

Lead Developer

• Compiler Engineer at Input Output (IOHK). Previous workat at SAP research and Sphonic (Anti-fraud software)

• Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from University College London (UCL)


Dirk Schulte

Managing Director

• Master’s Degree in Quantitative Economics and Finance from the University of St. Gallen

• Previous work experience in risk management and investment banking


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