Supercharge your supply chain

Enrich your process data with AI insights and powerful simulations. Accelerate transformation projects and replace expensive guesswork with precise calculations.

Decide what's next

What is really going on inside your organisation?

In a typical ITSM or KYC process more than 95% of time-to-resolution is spent waiting. The actual work time for each ticket is diminishingly small. Our Process Avatar estimates the gains from reducing waiting time as well as work time.

Find out where you are losing time

Extract real work times and waiting times from your event logs. Process Avatar brings to light the productivity sinks that kill your resolution time.

Waiting Time Alerts

Configure detailed alerts to learn about threats to your KPIs in real time


Discover the patterns in your workflows that contribute most to waiting time

Scenario Modelling

Compare scenarios to quantify the effect of changes on wait time and work time. Redirect process flow, modify variants and adjust resources - all in a single scenario

No Blackboxes

Drill down on results. Understand model drivers and look up parameters. Process Avatar provides transparent output data, enabling stakeholders to verify and agree on the best improvement options.

Real-Time Reaction Times

Process Avatar is optimised for large data loads and runs on high-performance GPUs. With Process Avatar there are no delays or restrictions on the complexity of the scenarios you simulate, no matter how complex your use case is.


Avatar helps you make decisions based on high-volume operational data

Process optimisation

Optimise your workflow

Plan for process automation

Which activities of my invoicing process would benefit most from workflow automation? How would an increase in productivity change our response times?

Avoidable cases

How would a reduction of cases in category 'User access' affect throughput and processing times of my ITSM process?

Best practices

How much could I save if I applied the order-to-cash workflow from my best-performing locations everywhere?

Stress testing

Prepare your business for the unexpected

Risk management

Which resources would have the greatest impact on my case flow if their work was disrupted?

Dealing with change

How many more faulty invoices can my P2P process tolerate before I start missing my performance goals?

Capacity planning

Start planning the work of tomorrow today

Seasonal variations

What do I need to do to prepare for a twenty percent rise in orders in December compared to last year?

Reducing spikes

What would happen if I received my invoices during the entire month instead of the last couple of days?


How do I need to change my existing operations after a merger or acquisition?


Standing out from the competition

Optimisation Wizard

Define your KPI goals and the process optimisation wizard finds the right set of process changes to achieve your goals.

Seasonal Modelling

Use Avatar to model the impact of seasonal changes on your business processes. For example, how many more hires do you need to cope with a ten percent rise in Christmas shopping volumes?

Compare many changes

Define and compare many changes at the same time. Identify current and future bottlenecks in your business process.


Show sensitivities for every variable in the model. Find the activities, resources and variants with the highest leverage.

Calculate work times

Find out how much time is spent waiting. A ten percent reduction in waiting time usually has a much higher impact than a ten percent reduction in work time, with lower cost.

Flexible KPIs

Compute KPIs for the entire process, for individual activities, or for parts of the process.