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In a first proof of concept we connect Avatar to your process database and run some simulations for you. After five days we will present the outcome of our initial analysis and discuss next steps.

If you already have some ideas for process improvements we can simulate those. If not then we will crawl through the dataset on our own and look for interesting results, drawing on our experience with process data from large multinationals.

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In previous commercial applications of Avatar, we...

  • Quantified the amount of time lost on ticket reassignments
  • Found activities and resources with the largest gains from improving
  • Evaluated and compared the costs and benefits of several proposed changes to the business process
  • Identified new bottlenecks that would arise from planned improvements, and proposed additional changes for addressing those

Next steps

After the initial pilot phase you can purchase the Avatar suite on a subscription basis. We also offer additional consulting services, for example integrating additional data sources or generating custom reports.

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