Standing out from the competition

Optimisation Wizard

Define your KPI goals and the process optimisation wizard finds the right set of process changes to achieve your goals.

Seasonal Modelling

Use Avatar to model the impact of seasonal changes on your business processes. For example, how many more hires do you need to cope with a ten percent rise in Christmas shopping volumes?

Compare many changes

Define and compare many changes at the same time. Identify current and future bottlenecks in your business process.


Show sensitivities for every variable in the model. Find the activities, resources and variants with the highest leverage.

Calculate work times

Find out how much time is spent waiting. A ten percent reduction in waiting time usually has a much higher impact than a ten percent reduction in work time, with lower cost.

Flexible KPIs

Compute KPIs for the entire process, for individual activities, or for parts of the process.