Frequently asked questions

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What does the pilot project typically look like?
During the pilot project we create a virtual twin of one of your processes. We then simulate a number of different change scenarios on your process, either following your suggestions or based on our own research. At the end of the pilot project we deliver a summary of our findings.
How long does a pilot project with Avatar take?
The pilot project takes five working days.
What are the technical requirements for a pilot project with Avatar?
Process data needs to be available in an event log (SQL database or CSV). Plus metadata for each case, if available. We also need to be granted read access to your process database, either remotely or physically on your premises.
Is Avatar a cloud service?
We offer both hosted and on-premise deployments.
What is the licensing model of Avatar?
After the pilot project has been completed, the software is available on a subscription basis.
What makes Avatar unique compared to other process simulation software?
Avatar creates a detailed virtual representation of your business. Our proprietary simulation engine handles hundreds of millions of cases and delivers results in less than a second. All aspects of the process can be changed and simulated, including routing, variants, resources and activities.