Company Vision

Beyond Process Data


The Avatar simulation engine has been built from the ground up to support data and simulation models from many different sources.

All business activities exist on a spectrum of data concentration - ranging from little data available in siloed infrastructure (supply chain, everything that crosses the boundaries between organisations) to massive amounts of highly detailed data (assembly, highly specialised activities at the core of the business).

Process mining tools target the middle of this spectrum: Processes with fairly detailed data spread across a handful of IT systems mostly within the same organisation. Almost every process touches a central IT system such as ERP or ITSM at some point, and the data integration challenges are not insurmountable. That is why process data is the first data source we integrated into Avatar.

A holistic simulation of the entire value chain

However, many interesting questions for capacity planning and risk management cannot be answered based on central IT process data alone.

We are planning to extend the reach of our simulation engine towards both ends of the data concentration spectrum. The more data we integrate, both from the edges of the corporation and from its very core, the greater the benefits of the simulation become.

The Avatar simulation engine can combine many different simulation models under one roof. It supports varying levels of detail, combining reasonable abstraction with great precision in crucial areas to achieve unmatched performance and scalability.