Process AvatarRethinking Process Transformation

Processes mining data can be overwhelming due to the amount of friction it discovers in each process. Finite project resources mean the main savings driver is the ability to execute process improvements faster and more efficiently.

Process Avatar transforms your digital process twin to run detailed scenario simulations with real-time data. Enable your process owners to compare actions instantly, accelerate decision making and start improving processes without delay.

  • Identify cost-efficient process improvements faster
  • Finish more transformation projects and generate higher savings
  • Automate analytics workload and increase project ROI

Focus on fixing the problemAutomate your process transformation analysis

Transformation projects are no different from the processes they seek to improve. Automation of labour intensive improvement analysis saves time and frees up capacity to fix the actual problems.

  • Change variants or routing patterns to design efficient processes
  • Check if automation projects add value or just move the bottleneck
  • Identify resources suited for redeployment to raise productivity

No blackboxTransparent output, no-code UI

Process Avatar takes into account all variants, attributes and time dimensions of your process. Detailed drill-down options allow a deep understanding of process dynamics and thorough scenario validiation.

Our no-code interface enables easy orientation for beginners and saves experts time otherwise spent on running analyses manually.