AboutAvatar Engines

Avatar Engines brings your digital twin to life

The company was founded in 2021 in order to build the fastest and most feature-complete business simulation software. Avatar's proprietary simulation engine is based on earlier research by the founders in the areas of high-performance modelling. To this day, we keep close ties with researchers at top universities.

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Meet our team

    Dirk Schulte

    Founder & CEO

    Dirk is responsible for Model Development and Operations at Avatar Engines. He teamed up with Jann after recognising the potential of simulation software in a previous role. Holding a master’s degree in Quantitative Finance (St. Gallen), his prior work experience stretches across Commodity Trading, Investment Banking and Foreign Trade.

    Jann Müller

    Founder & CTO

    Jann has been writing smart, scalable software for more than ten years. Having worked at SAP Research, Sphonic Solutions and IOG previously, he is a seasoned full-stack developer with significant R&D experience. At Avatar Engines he is in charge of software development and tech strategy.