Avatar helps you make decisions based on high-volume operational data

Process optimisation

Optimise your workflow

Plan for process automation

Which activities of my invoicing process would benefit most from workflow automation? How would an increase in productivity change our response times?

Avoidable cases

How would a reduction of cases in category 'User access' affect throughput and processing times of my ITSM process?

Best practices

How much could I save if I applied the order-to-cash workflow from my best-performing locations everywhere?

Stress testing

Prepare your business for the unexpected

Risk management

Which resources would have the greatest impact on my case flow if their work was disrupted?

Dealing with change

How many more faulty invoices can my P2P process tolerate before I start missing my performance goals?

Capacity planning

Start planning the work of tomorrow today

Seasonal variations

What do I need to do to prepare for a twenty percent rise in orders in December compared to last year?

Reducing spikes

What would happen if I received my invoices during the entire month instead of the last couple of days?


How do I need to change my existing operations after a merger or acquisition?